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The land with no name yet

by Dolly Collective 

Zoe Schollee, Olga Tsyganova, Rachel Schuit

Dear People,

As some of you may know, the three of us have been living in the countryside for some weeks.

On an old piece of land in Twello (Twee-loo, meaning in between two bushes).

Times are changing, which gave us the opportunity, and time, to take a step back and re-place ourselves. 

In a different frequency.


How to land, in this land. How to land in ourselves

How to live together. How to be alone

How to take a step back, but not isolate. How to be engaged

Digging in the ground, not knowing what we will find

How to build and let things fall apart

How to say goodbye, to be welcoming again

How to share with you

Photo's by Elliot Dehaspe and Niels van Heijningen

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